Speaking In Absolutes

by Sid Broderius and the Emergency Exit

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released April 21, 2017

Sid Broderius and Jasen Moser



all rights reserved


Sid Broderius and The Emergency Exit Spokane, Washington

Suburban punk rock from the great pacific northwest.

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Track Name: Even The Heartless Bleed
I put myself in lock up that week
Remove the destruction from the scene
To keep you from harms reach
I kept you away from me

The chemical flood gates open up
Where I’m swept away or I self destruct
Retraced the lines so many times and find the same damn scars
I learn my lessons hard

I’m not free of sin, I’m no saint
I’m two timing with poison and I’m leaking toxic waste
While you’re choking on my mistakes
I’m just trying to think straight

The chemical flood gates open up
Then I’m swept away or I self destruct
Retraced the lines so many times and find the same damn scars
I learn my lessons hard

Redemptions hard to find
When you’ve lost their trust
Words fall out as lies
And then fill the hole in my gut
I’m trying to speak sincerely
Even the heartless bleed

It must have felt like being left for dead
When I ripped your heart right from your chest
Then patched it up with loosely threaded string
I thought I was helping

The chemical flood gates open up
Where I’m swept away or I self destruct
Retraced the lines so many times and find the same damn scars
And that even the heartless bleed
Track Name: The Cove
We woke up at 8AM
A day where we could have slept in
Is this where these moments end
Or where they begin

We had old friends in tow
The girls had that summer glow
Time to load up and go
Find out what these days hold

We won’t drown alone, we'll live under the sun, we'll die at the cove
These rocks are high, so hold me steady
I will take the fall if you take the dive with me
It’s hard to regret some things, even when you’re bruised and beat
It's hard to regret somethings even when your broken like me

It starts with a few bad plans
Hiking in with a hundred cans
In bottles we found ourselves and danced
In time the day collapsed
Track Name: Kickflips
I hope you’re not ready to sleep, Cause my eyes are wide
And hey, adventure is waiting
You’ll find us here tonight, keeping spirits high
Chasing dreams in vans along double yellow lines

And I haven't seen the lights, of my home town in days
I’m a stranger on a foreign land finding grace in words you say

This will be a good day for a song to steal your heart
Lost in all these ghost towns and sleeping under stars
This will be a good day stuck in inside jokes
Somewhere in-between our fears and our hopes

We would shed blood and sweat
But never tears, I won't hold back
And I will not have regrets
And as our sunburns fade
Were falling asleep to the sound of kick flips and freeways
Track Name: Yours For The Taking
I swear it hit when you walked in
Your words catching me off guard like concealed weapons
Shaking while breaths come slow
I lose myself in the summers glow

Listen while my words fall short
Of breaking the surface and leave me looking for more
Watch the night come to life
It beats along to the breakdowns time

The night bled happiness, into our hearts the disenchanted
We were both lost kids reaching for glory and grabbed it
Your words will always leave me shaking
I'm the thief that stole you, you're the criminal that saved me
Yours for the taking

I watched those little pills come and go
They all lied when they promised a little more hope
An anchor and better sails
Another shot for every time I've failed
Track Name: What You Get
Spit out what you need to say
You need me to change
It's numbing to hold this weight
I bite my tongue in pain

There's not much to speak of
Just falling fast out of love
The games, you play rough
We've both had enough

Tell me you that you know what's good for me
I was never too good at these things
Tell me it's fine and you know we'll be okay
I'll hold on to hope if it get's me through today

Falling asleep to books on tape
Getting used to feeling strange
This is what you get
I'm such a wreck
Track Name: Off On Third
Forget the date theres no X to mark that spot
It's just a day I already forgot
Those pints they never made us strong
And chains have kept us bound for too long

It's off on Third
Your eyes have left me scarred
I'll meet you there
The beauty of this city is flaw
So you shine through no matter where you are

And I didn't climb the meaning of life
It's kept up there too close to the sky
I stayed on the ground and lost what I found
She burned the maps and took the rest for herself
Track Name: Therapy
My lips have been leaking excuses lately
It's not a recent thing
I've always been procrastinating, instead of therapy
I get high and I sing

It's not the end of the world but its a place to start
Hells not calling yet so hold on to your heart

I'm doing ok more often than not these days
The photos are evidence Ive gotten better since
I lost all my friends and I fell off the deep end

It's not the end of the world but its a place to start
Hells not calling yet so hold on to your heart
Although the gallows hang for us sinning saints
It's in our minds and we've got time until they kick our chairs away
Track Name: Fireworks
Fill it up, 10 gallons to get out of town
The sun is high and we’ve got every window down
Caffeine kick, now turn up the stereo
95 mile markers to go

Bloody knees and a couple of bloodshot eyes
Go big or go home and stop wasting time
Like a bottlerocket just waiting to be lit
Strike the match and watch the sky light up again

Nothing is going to stop us now
Because you can’t keep a good friend down

In the back of the truck on the 4th of July
The smell of sulfur and the carbon monoxide
Fills my lungs but I’m too focused on the stars in the sky
We’re cold as hell but just happy to be alive
As long as I breathe these memories will be all mine
Tell them all, if I don’t make it home, that I was happy when I died

Player one buying in and looking to score
Victory is ours, no matter what we’re fighting for
Even if defeat finds its way into our night
We’ll still celebrate because at least we tried

Stay true, don’t give up and never give in
Make it home just to start all over again
Kill the lights and we’ll bring this whole city down
I could take on the world with you around

Maybe I’ll see you on the other side
In another place and another time

No matter where we go
We’ll know to never lose hope
When it’s our time, when it’s our time
Track Name: Keep Calm and Freak Out
I am the ghost that follows you
Haunting your shadows and hiding in your room
I slip past your eye
Always there on the edge of your mind
You will lose it all
Sing those sad songs while you brace for the fall

It runs deep beneath your skin and broken bones
It won't be that bad for too long
The feeling comes and goes
Keep calm and your nerves on edge
It's personal now
Stick around for the show
Don’t let it get you down

I am the burden you hold
Falling fast while you grasp for control
I will hold keep down
While you choke on words that you never found
You will lose it all
Sing those sad songs while you brace for the fall